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Thank you for your interest in Broxton Capital!  We offer a number of successful and popular complete portfolios to help you achieve your investing and retirement goals. 

The Common denominator off all portfolios:

  • Value Oriented Approach,  identifying undervalued positions.

  • Zero Commissions.

  • Personalized approach,  Management Team is easily accessible to clients.

  • 100% employee owned.

  • Both Managing Partners of Broxton each have over 25 years of experience and have been working together for over 20 years.




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The Alpha Portfolio

Our durable, disciplined, and repeatable Value Strategy.  The Alpha Portfolio is a bottom-up and  fundamental strategy that seeks higher total returns with lower risk. The focus is on low risk investments with attractive return (LRAR Securities).



Target Date Portfolio Series

(For Individual Investors) A Complete portfolio, professionally managed asset mix, zero commissions.  Your All-In-One Investment and/or Retirement Fund.


Municipal Bond Portfolio Plus

Broxton offers access to expertise of our leading municipal bond management team with strategies and services typically reserved for large institutions.                 

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