Broxton Capital Advisors

Broxton Capital has offices located in San Juan, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. The Company began on Broxton Avenue in the UCLA-Westwood area of Los Angeles. Broxton Avenue is named after the small village in Cheshire, England.

Research and analysis are at the core of our values. Our objective is stable growth and long term wealth building. Our investment strategies are based on our proprietary algorithms, sophisticated analysis and our investment experience. The partners have over 90-years of collective experience managing investments and specialize in fixed income .



R. Allen Cooke

Mr. Cooke, the Portfolio Manager of Broxton Capital Advisors, has over 25 years of experience serving institutional and individual clients.


Prior to Broxton Capital Advisors, he was the head of Fixed Income Research and Trading for Western International Securities. Mr. Cooke has researched and correctly forecasted a number of economic situations involving companies, markets, and industries.


His financial history also includes complex analysis, of individual companies. Mr. Cooke has passed the following exams: Series, 65, 7, 86 (analyst license) and 87. Mr. Cooke has a B.A. from the University of Arizona in History and U.S. foreign policy.


Byron Stead

Mr. Stead the Co Portfolio Manager and Managing Partner of Broxton Capital Advisors and has over 25 years of experience serving institutional and individual clients. His clientele as a bond trader included some of the most well known companies in the mutual fund and hedge fund industry.


His financial history and educational background include analysis in macro-economics, mathematics, individual company analysis and corporate bankruptcy reorganization. Before Broxton Capital Advisors, Byron was associated with Morgan Stanley in Beverly Hills, California and Merrill Lynch in London, England. Byron brings his analytical skill-set to analyze companies and navigate ever changing economic environments.


Mr. Stead has a B.A. from University of Michigan in Financial Economics and Mathematics. Mr. Stead has passed the following exams: Series 65 and Series 7. Mr. Stead is an avid art collector and an accomplished pianist.

Bob Cooke
Mr. Cooke (SNR.), a Managing Partner of Broxton Capital Advisors has over 40 years serving clients in fixed income and equity strategies. He was a Municipal Bond specialist at Drexel Burnham and a fixed income managing director at Imperial Capital.
Bob brings his deep knowledge of fixed income markets. Mr. Cooke has passed the series 65 and Series 7 exams. He has a B.A. in business from the University of Arizona.

Beth VanRood

Mrs. VanRood, is the operations manager of Broxton and is currently waiting to take the exam for becoming a registered representative.