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Smart Yield

Advisors and Investors have been increasingly challenged in building fixed income allocations. The collapse in yield has also contributed to over-allocation into more speculative areas. Broxton created Smart Yield to supply managers and investors with an alternative, that produces yield and is fundamentally sound. The fund selects attractive securities from multiple asset classes in order to maximize return and minimize risk. Our research demonstrates that the majority of income focused ETFs, funds and strategies are stranded in an individual asset classes leading to poor returns and increased risk.   

  • Smart Yield managers select the highest quality individual securities from 4 asset classes and deliver return with intelligent risk

  • Selections are based on normal valuations, strong fundamentals, yield, and issuer financial stability

  • Creates attractive portfolio metrics with multiple asset classes and diversified sectors, that make sense

  • Smart Yield is a managed composite

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The objective of the fund is to create a higher yielding portfolio through the selection of securities from multiple asset classes. As a secondary objective the fund seeks capital appreciation.

Presentation                                                         Fixed Income Research Example

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