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We Support Advisors & Managers

We assist advisors and managers with portfolio management, research, and products such as our Smart Yield Fund. We produce both internal reports using our quantitative tools for analysis and reports meant for client distribution. Our mission is to increase the breadth of products available for managers and elevate each firm's profile with distributable research. We can manage accounts internally or externally and adhere to GIPS compliant performance procedures for strategies older than one year.


In the current environment interest rates are minimal and managers are challenged to find fixed income allocations. Our Smart Yield Fund focus is producing rational yield with a target return of 8%. We select the highest quality individual securities in multiple asset classes and industry sectors based on proprietary algorithms, standard deviation, industry trajectories, coverage ratios and other analysis. LEARN MORE


We make our research available to advisors and managers and can conduct analysis on individual securities upon request.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   LEARN MORE>>

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