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The Alpha  Portfolio, Broxton Capital's durable and disciplined value strategy. Managed for 16 years by Portfolio Manager Allen Cooke.

Available For:

  • Institutional Investors

  • Financial Professionals

  • Individual Investors

Please contact us directly 310-208-2151 for more information or to open an Alpha Portfolio Account.




Complete portfolio, professionally managed asset mix, zero commissions.  Your All-In-One Investment and/or Retirement Fund.

Available For:

  • Individual Investors          

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Questions to ask (For Individual Investors)

Whether you have a list of recommended advisors or you have a specific advisor in mind, consider these factors:  time horizon, risk tolerance , income, and taxes.

Being able to explain your needs and expectations will help you and the advisors you talk with make an informed decision about whether you’re right for each other. If you are an individual investor, your advisor should understand your goals and your particular financial situation and make recommendations that are suitable for you. Some important factors to consider in defining your goals include:

  • 1. Investment goals - What are you working toward: A comfortable retirement? Leaving a legacy? Philanthropic goals?

  • 2.Time horizon - When will you need to withdraw money from your portfolio?

  • 3 Risk tolerance - How much change in value can you tolerate?

  • 4. Income needs - Do you need current income from your portfolio?

  • 5. Tax situation - Does your tax bracket require a tax-sensitive strategy?

  • 6. Other holdings - Do you have significant wealth tied up in real estate or other illiquid assets?

  • 7. Other needs - Do you have complex planning needs related to wealth transfer, executive compensation, risk management, business succession planning, or philanthropic planning?

You can review information about an advisor even before you meet

All independent advisors are required to publicly disclose details about their business by filing a Form ADV. You can review the Form ADVs on the SEC website at

Form ADV, Part 1 describes the advisor’s business, ownership, clients, employees, business practices, affiliations, and disciplinary history.  

Form ADV, Part 2 is a narrative brochure that describes in plain English the advisor’s services, fee schedule, disciplinary information, conflicts of interest, and the educational and business background of management and key advisory personnel. Advisors are required to give you this information before you hire them.


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