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Financial Reports


Research & process

Our process involves three steps:

  • Our quantitative analysis which involves structured reports produced by algorithms

  • Our qualitative analysis which is based on 90 years of collective experience

  • Our technical analysis

Byron Stead: "Part of our qualitative process involves tracking the macro economic environment, in addition, on the quantitative side we calculate cash flow ratios, earnings growth and compounding cash flows.  Bob Cooke: "We may observe four or five different technical indicators in order to create a technical picture on an individual security." Allen Cooke: "Using standard deviation analysis of trading values provide insight into current price relative to historical averages. 


With these processes, we create investment strategies, such as Smart Yield and select the highest quality individual securities in multiple asset classes and industry sectors. 

Internal structured reports

Examples:    Williams Sonoma    U.S. Steel

structured report example.png

Reports for distribution

Example: Enlink Midstream

Broxton Capital EnLink Midstream (ENLC).

Investment Strategies 

Smart YieldThe objective of Smart Yield is to return 8% annually. The fund invests in fundamentally sound issuer securities with attractive yields for income and growth. 
The Alpha Portfolio is a growth and income investment strategy that utilizes our proprietary analysis to identify underpriced securities. The central theory is that markets are not always efficient, and attractive investments can be found in out of favor industries and companies with short term obstacles or unrecognized potential.

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